Frequently Asked Questions


What is Juvee?

Juvee is short for “rejuvenation” and it is an energy drink designed to provide more than just a large dose of caffeine. We meticulously crafted the ingredients to focus on delivering energy as well as improving mood, sustaining focus and improving well-being.

What makes Juvee different from other energy drinks?

While many energy drinks are fixated on performance, we see the opportunity to have a great source of energy to power your play. Whether that’s logging in for some video games with friends or tackling the latest TikTok trend, we’re here for it and our ingredients reflect that!

What’s a Rejuvenation Drink?

When crafting Juvee, calling it an “energy drink” felt too simplistic. We crafted a great tasting, highly enjoyable beverage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, not heavy. And at only 5 calories, it’s a pretty innocent addition to your day!

What’s in Juvee?

We’re proud to have made a great tasting energy drink that’s better for you. Every ingredient in Juvee is thoughtfully and intentionally included. To find out exactly what is in Juvee, read our

That said, we are actually really proud of what is NOT in Juvee. Things like sugar, preservatives, major allergens, dairy, soy, any animal products (yes, Juvee is vegan friendly), or gluten are not in any of our products.

Is Juvee safe to drink?

Juvee is safe to drink, but like any caffeinated product should be consumed in moderation. Juvee is not intended for use by children, or pregnant or nursing people. For any concerns, we recommend you consult your physician.

Did Nadeshot really help make it?

Yes, and he is very picky. 

Orders / Shipping / Tracking

Help! I can’t find my order confirmation.

Every order should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase to the email address specified at checkout. If you did not receive that email, please reach out to our customer service team at

How can I track my order?

Tracking information will be emailed to you once your order has been processed. 

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not currently ship Juvee internationally. If you are excited about our product and would love to see it locally, please let us know on Twitter @drinkjuvee.


What is a Juvee subscription?

Juvee subscriptions are like signing up to receive presents in the mail without needing to constantly re-order. In addition, we also give you 10% off (savings, let’s go!) and you’ll be the first to hear about (and try) new flavors. 

How do I sign up for a subscription?

You can sign up for a subscription at check out.

I have a subscription, can I change the delivery date for my next shipment?

Yes you can! Via your customer account, you’re able to update your subscription shipping details, pause your subscription, skip shipments, and change the frequency of your order. There’s nothing you can’t do and we’re here to help! Click this link to navigate to our subscription account page. 

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Yes! You can skip shipments, pause your subscription, and receive Juvee more often. The world is your oyster. Let us know if we can help! 

Can I skip a shipment?

Yes! Via your customer account, you’ll be able to skip, pause, or restart your subscription at any time. It’s easy, and we’re here to help. Navigate to your account HERE, or email us

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’ll miss you and are always here to help! Hope to see you in these parts sometime in the future. To cancel your subscription, please navigate to your account HERE, or send us a quick email We can help and want you to have a great experience with us! 

Exchanges / Returns

What is Juvee’s return policy?

Given the nature of our product, we are not able to accept returns. If you have any questions about an issue with an order you received please reach out to us at We are here to help! 

Distribution and Partnerships

Where can I find Juvee?

You can find Juvee here at our store locator, or have it delivered in under 30 minutes with the Gopuff app or at a local BevMo retail store. 

I’m interested in carrying Juvee at my store or business, who should I contact?

For retail buyers who use the RangeMe platform, here.

Want to chat instead? Send us an email at for more information about carrying Juvee at your place of business.