Play is in our DNA.

Meet the founder

Matt “Nadeshot” Haag

Matt “Nadeshot” Haag and energy drinks go way back. In fact, he’s had one every day since he was a teenager. It’s how he powered through everything from gaming tournaments to 4 AM drive thru shifts.

But can after can led him to one conclusion: energy drinks weren’t cutting it. The flavors were meh at best. The energy wasn’t worth the crash later on. The ingredients were questionable. The message was all about aggro “hustling and grinding” instead of having a good time.

Matt saw an opportunity to make a beverage with a better taste and better message that’s better for your body. Something built for the community, by the community, instead of by some giant corporation.

So he followed the 100 Thieves mantra (Take What’s Not Given) and teamed up with longtime friend, collaborator, and beverage veteran Sam Keene. Matt and Sam got to it, carefully selecting hardworking ingredients and crafting new flavors and well-balanced formulas. Soon enough, the rejuvenation drink, Juvee, was born.


About Juvee

It turns out that to create the best energy drink ever, Matt and Sam had to create something more than an energy drink.

That’s why Juvee’s expertly formulated to boost your energy, but also lift your mood, increase your focus, and up your immunity. Plus, Juvee tastes great. Not “great for an energy drink”. Actually great.

And that’s the fun of it. Juvee’s a beverage that’s a good time to drink and keeps the good times rolling. Above all else, Juvee powers your play—something Matt, Sam, and the whole 100 Thieves crew know a thing or two about. That means doing your thing, your way, as long as you want.

Because a playful world is a better world.

In 2024, only fifteen months after launching, Juvee was acquired by Sprecher Brewery. Sprecher, known for their incredible root beer, adds the scale and industry depth to take Juvee to the next level!